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Parse Biosciences Launches Evercode Whole Transcriptome Version 3, Boosting Usability and Performance

SEATTLE - Thursday, 22. February 2024 AETOSWire

Transformative, instrument-free solution for single cell RNA sequencing updated with improved sensitivity, faster workflow

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Parse Biosciences, a leading provider of accessible and scalable single cell sequencing solutions, today announced a significant update to the company’s flagship Evercode™ Whole Transcriptome products. Available to ship in mid-March, Evercode Whole Transcriptome version 3 kits offer researchers a more streamlined workflow, more flexible and higher throughput fixation, and optimized reagents for improved sensitivity in gene detection.

With the new version, customers will enjoy a more streamlined and flexible workflow, helping them move from samples to results more quickly. These enhancements are delivered while significantly improving upon the previous version’s sensitivity and library complexity, giving researchers higher biological resolution and insight into their samples.

Parse customers already rely on the utility of Evercode fixation, which enables them to fix cells or nuclei when they become available, store them for up to six months, and then sequence them when ready. Fixation is ideal for time course studies or for the removal of batch effects when samples aren’t available at the same time. With the version 3 chemistry, customers now have the option of fixing up to 96 samples simultaneously in plate format, a valuable upgrade for applications involving high throughput drug screening or the profiling of patient samples from large cohorts.

“We’ve been listening to customer feedback and believe that with this new version, we’re providing researchers with tools that are unmatched in their sensitivity, scalability, and flexibility,” said Parse Biosciences co-founder and CTO Charlie Roco. “Our goal from the start has been to democratize single cell research by making it more accessible, and the scientific community’s response to Evercode has been overwhelmingly positive.”

The new chemistry is available for the entire Whole Transcriptome product line: WT Mini for experiments up to 10,000 cells or nuclei, WT for experiments up to 100,000 cells or nuclei, WT Mega for experiments up to 1,000,000 cells or nuclei, and Fixation for cells or nuclei.

Launched in 2021, Evercode split-pool combinatorial barcoding is a simple, instrument-free solution to single cell RNA sequencing. Over 1,500 labs around the world have embraced Evercode for its scale, flexibility, and quality.

Parse is currently taking orders for Evercode Whole Transcriptome v3. To attend the company’s upcoming product roadshow or for additional information, visit

About Parse Biosciences

Parse Biosciences is a global life sciences company whose mission is to accelerate progress in human health and scientific research. Empowering researchers to perform single cell sequencing with unprecedented scale and ease, its pioneering approach is enabling groundbreaking discoveries in cancer treatment, tissue repair, stem cell therapy, kidney and liver disease, brain development, and the immune system.

Founded based on a transformative technology invented at the University of Washington, Parse has raised over $100 million and is used by over 1,500 labs across the world. Its growing portfolio of products includes Evercode Whole Transcriptome, Evercode TCR, Gene Capture, and a software tool for data analysis.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington’s vibrant South Lake Union district, Parse Biosciences recently opened a 34,000 square foot headquarters and state-of-the-art laboratory.


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