Friday, September 1, 2023

Dahua Revolutionizes Fire Safety Inspection in Power Station

 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- In a mountain area in Yunnan Province (China), Dahua Technology safeguards the safe production of a 700+ mu photovoltaic power station, providing intelligent fire prevention and control measures in its vast facilities. The implemented solution significantly increased the accuracy of fire alarms by more than 10 times, and the efficiency of fire alarm response by 30%, which help ensure the stable delivery of clean energy to its surrounding areas.

24/7 Remote Fire Safety Inspection & Monitoring

In the past, local villagers serve as important fire "informants", especially in the photovoltaic system in remote areas. The information flow, instructions delay, and manual positioning of the fire point drastically extend the response time.

Dahua has integrated technology with the inspection mode of the power station to create a robust system that monitors the fire situation in the power plant and its surrounding areas.

The dual-lens cameras installed at high points were configured with cruising paths, enabling them to conduct uninterrupted online inspections of the power plant and display the images through the system. The plant inspection that usually takes 1 month can now be completed in less than 10 minutes.

During the inspection process, algorithms are used to determine whether there is smoke or fire in each area. When a fire is detected, the system will locate the fire source within a range of 3-5 kilometers and find the fire point within 30-50 meters.

Improved Fire Response Efficiency by 30%

In addition to eliminating the need for further inspections, improving the efficiency of the overall handling process is another key advantage of this solution. Through converged communication technology, the tedious reporting and communication process in the past has been transformed into efficient information exchange between multiple terminal devices.

Based on on-site audio and video data, multiple parties can easily communicate and discuss plans and strategies. At the same time, fire alarm information and the fire point location determined by the platform will be sent to relevant personnel in real-time, allowing them to accurately and quickly reach the corresponding location to distinguish the fire.

Fire safety is crucial for photovoltaic power stations. With the advent of technology and innovation, Dahua’s intelligent solution not only can help protect the power plants and their staff, but also can ensure that thousands of households are provided with green, environmentally friendly, and low-carbon electricity.


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